“Michael inspired our daughter to return to the guitar. He encourages her by having her play the music she likes and then he incorporates the music theory around it. This unique approach keeps her engaged and wanting to learn more!”

Lee W.

“Michael probably had every song ever written between 1960 and 2000 memorized and could teach so well that he could make you feel like anyone from Richards to Clapton.”

Reid K.

“I have been a student of Michael’s for 3 1/2 years. With his help, my guitar playing ability has risen to an entirely new level! He is by far the best teacher I have had in my almost 20 years of playing the instrument. His knowledge of theory combined with his uncanny ability to decipher songs by ear and his genuine love of music make him uniquely qualified as an instructor. I highly recommend him to beginning, intermediate and advanced students of all ages!”

Dina B.

“I have been taking guitar lessons from Michael for almost two years now. We work on some theory, but many times work on songs that I want to learn. I have enjoyed my lessons and highly recommend Michael’s teaching style. He is talented, prepared, and really knows what he is doing. I have improved so much thanks to Michael.”

Julie M.

“I have taken lessons from Michael for 3 years. He is an expert re: my generation of 60s and 70s music. His repertoire is so impressive. Mike is an incredibly talented and passionate musician and teacher!!!”

David E.

“As one of Michael’s adult students, I appreciate his patience, encouragement and encyclopedic knowledge. His fluency in rock guitar is amazing. His passion for music, knowledge of theory and mastery of the guitar all make his lessons fun and rich in content. I’ve learned some of my favorite songs to play on guitar from Michael.”

Johanna A.

“My 17 year old son has been taking music lessons for over 8 years, since he was in 4th grade. He’s worked with many teachers, all with unique teaching styles of their own. Michael was one of the best teachers he’s worked with because of his free-style jam-session teaching methods that fit my kid’s personality, since he prefers playing rock and roll by ear. Michael’s encouragement helped push him outside his comfort zone to achieve new depths in playing guitar. Michael also created many performing opportunities where my son had a chance to play in front of a audience in local Atl music venues. Lessons with Michael were always the highlight of his week. We believed Michael’s encouragement and exposure to performing on stage helped Reid to create his own garage band where they preform at venues such as Masquerade, Smith’s Old Bar, Center Stage and local Atl festivals. We highly recommend Michael and his many talents as a guitar teacher, especially to kids who want to have fun while playing!”

Reagan K.

Michael McGill

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